Laboratory of Primate Morphology at UPR

The Laboratory of Primate Morphology (LPM) houses one of the most extensive rhesus macaque bone collection in the world. Most of the bones are from the free-ranging macaque colony of Cayo Santiago Biological Field Station and from the Sabana Seca Field Station. One of the advantages of doing research at LPM is the associated data we have on many of the bones. Our database includes demographic, genetic, pedigree, and necropsy and histopathology data, which makes the LPM a valuable resource for scientists.

Researches at the Laboratory of Primate Morphology have played a critical role in advancing our understanding of primate skeletal biology. Scholars at LPM have investigated skeletal pathology, comparative osteology, dentition, morphometrics, genetics, bone growth and development, among others.  In popular culture, the CPRC skeletal collection has been mentioned in the books of Dr. Kathy Reichs, creator of the Bones television series.

The Caribbean Primate Research Center encourages researchers to visit and study the skeletal collection on site. However, if the necessary research equipment is unavailable in Puerto Rico, a loan agreement may be arranged to facilitate the investigation. CPRC also accepts students and volunteers to gain experience and training in bone identification, curation, and research.