CPRC joins UPR-RCM panel of experts to discuss the nature of novel Corona Virus (2019-nCOV)

Dr. Armando Burgos, DVM (2nd from right) together with UPR-RCM panel of experts.

The attending veterinarian of the Caribbean Primate Research Center said that a veterinary perspective is necessary to understand the origins, growth, and the spread of the novel Corona Virus (2019-nCOV).   

Dr. Armando Burgos, DVM, in an expert panel discussion held at the UPR-Medical Sciences Campus, said that the novel Corona virus is an indication of the growing problem of zoonoses between humans and animals.

"Habitat destruction has made diseases and viruses, such as 2019-nCOV, easier to jump from one species to the next. Understanding the virus in this context allows policy makers to address this potential public health problem in Puerto Rico holistically," Burgos emphasized.

He added that the effort of the scientists to find a vaccine for 2019-nCOV should go hand in hand with a public health information campaign that takes into account the potential threat of the virus to people and animals.

To access the full discussion, please click the link below:
UPR-RCM Panel of Experts on novel Corona Virus