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PR declares Cayo Santiago as Scientific Reserve

Gov. Ricardo Roselló signed Ley 128, “Ley para la Promoción Educativa y Scientifica de Colonia de Monos de Cayo Santiago.” The law, among others, is aimed at protecting the monkeys, researchers, and the general public from the transmission of diseases between humans and monkeys. Common human diseases, such as TB and measles, can potentially wipeout the colony of monkeys if introduced to the island. Herpes B virus, an endemic virus to macaques, is fatal to humans.

NIH approves $7.8M grant for CPRC

UPR-RCM Director Segundo Quilichini announced the NIH grant approval for CPRC. The grant is earmarked for the improvement of the field and laboratory facilities of the Center. According to Dr. Quilichini, the upgrades will contribute to the current researches on the pathogenesis of dengue and Zika viruses and in the development of effective treatments for the HIV/AIDS virus. 




CPRC Associate Director Angelina Ruiz-Lambides and Dr. Lauren Brent give an overview of doing research in Cayo Santiago. They also discuss their recent publication on the value of social relationships among rhesus macaques. 

Aging and Relationships in Rhesus Macacaques

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