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CPRC News and Events

UPR-MSC Summer Educational Seminar June 19th, 2017

For the third consecutive year, the CPRC successfully held the UPR-MSC Summer Educational Seminar for school students "Explorando las Profesiones de la Salud" in which 150 students visited our facilities at Sabana Seca. The main purpose of the activity was to explore different professions related to veterinary medicine. Students rotated through six stations related to Necropsy, Bone Collection and Maceration, Environmental Enrichment, Clinic, and Facility and Housing tour. Thanks to all students and staff!


Educational Activity: Unknown Bones

We are excited to announce the development and implementation of the interdisciplinary educational module Unknown Bones. Unknown Bones is an inquiry-based activity for high school students in which they apply data analysis and statistics to understand the concept of sexual selection and illustrate sexual dimorphism in Cayo Santiago rhesus macaques. The activity follows the national educational standards. The teacher's guide is available at our webpage to any interested educator. You can download it at  We thank the staff and students of The School of San Juan for their welcoming enthusiasm and cooperation in implementing this activity. It was a success!



CPRC’s Population Density Discussion
October 4, 2016

We are happy to announce that the CPRC successfully held the web-conference Population Density Discussion.The objective of this web–conference was to bring together all CPRC stakeholders to have an open discussion about the situation of high population size at the Cayo Santiago and Sabana Seca Field Stations, potential solutions, and its consequences to behavioral, genetic and biomedical research in general. The web-conference was conducted with the participation of several principal investigators of current Cayo Santiago IACUC- approved protocols, members of the CPRC External Advisory Board, the IACUC of the Medical Science Campus, and UPR representatives. NIH-ORIP leadership/program officer also attended the conference. Currently, a management plan is being implemented and systematic reviews on the results are being conducted in order to improve the approach.


NSF Award #1624434 Division of Biological Infrastructure

September 27th – 29th, 2016

NSF Award #1624434

Division of Biological Infrastructure

Development of a Longitudinal Strategic Plan for Research and Education at The Cayo Santiago Field Station, Puerto Rico

We are happy to announce that the CPRC successfully held last week the National Science Foundation-funded workshop Development of a Longitudinal Strategic Plan for Research and Education at The Cayo Santiago Field Station, Puerto Rico. The main objective of the workshop was to gather experts in biological field station administration, research and public education, and UPR administrators to discuss the mission and major needs of the Cayo Santiago Field Station in Humacao. We were able to gather 25 national and international experts. The final product of this workshop will be a 10-year master plan for infrastructure improvement. Such new facilities will support research development, as well as academic and outreach programs. The master plan will serve as platform to develop a proposal under the NSF Improvements in Facilities, Communications, and Equipment at Biological Field Stations and Marine Laboratories (FSML) program.