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Local Students

The CPRC offers the inter-campus collaboration with the UPR at Río Piedras through their undergraduate course BIOL 4990: Introduction to Research. This course offers undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct research in Biology under the mentorship of faculty and graduate students. For more info visit:

We currently offer research opportunities in the areas below; however, undergraduate, as well as graduate, students are encouraged to discuss new ideas and projects with our staff.

Comparative Medicine and Pathology :
Determining causes of morbidity and mortality in rhesus macaques
Students will actively participate in postmortem and histopathological examination of rhesus macaques.

Behavior and stress management: Determining the effects of different strategies such as the use of a play cage versus a home cage on captive rhesus macaque behavior. Students will participate in behavioral data collection and statistical analysis.  Contact

Parasitology: Determining the influence parasites have on rhesus macaque behavior, sociality, and reproduction. Students will collect behavioral data and process fecal samples in order to estimate parasite species diversity, prevalence and density among individuals with different pedigrees, social status, and social behaviors.

Cayo Santiago Field Station: Internship opportunities present at the CSFS may be related to Population Management, Ecology and Behavior, Population Ecology, Plant ecology, Feeding Ecology.  Contact

Interested students are also encouraged to contact