Virology and Genetics Division

Image credit: Raisa Hernández

This Division is coordinated through the Virology Laboratory (VL) of the CPRC. Its major objective is to support the ongoing SPF and genetics programs of the Center. The laboratory performs serological tests, PCR, and virus isolation assays. It also processes DNA samples for genetic (paternity and MHC) testing. Genetic markers are playing an increasingly vital role in primatological research, and are particularly useful for paternity exclusion in both wild and captive populations. The CPRC recently has joined the NPRC Genetics and Genomics Working Group (GGWG). The overall goal of this joint venture is to spur the transition from STRs to SNPs for parentage and ancestry testing.

A Short Interview of Dr. Carlos Sariol on the Research Done in the Virology and Genetics Division (Video)